Getting Started

If you are new to Commander, here’s a good video to watch first!  This is a basic introduction explaining the icons that were installed on your computer’s desktop and how to login to Commander and get started.


Basic Navigation in Commander

So how do you move around in the program?  This short video tells you how the navigation bars work and introduces you to the “tabs” that open various sections of the program.  Learn how to easily access the programs you will use every day as well as where to go to add inventory and add customers and how to customize Commander for your specific needs.

Adding Inventory to Commander

You’re going to want to add and change inventory items.  This video explains how this is done.  Learn the difference between stocked items and price file items and how categories of parts make it easy to look up parts and organize your inventory.

Learn how price files make it easy to add parts to stock with correct pricing and descriptions; how to run inventory reports and how to print bar code labels for items and parts bins.


Adding Customers

Customers, like parts, need to be added to Commander.  They can either be converted from your old system or added to Commander, one customer at a time.  Learn how to add customers manually in this short video and how to format them in the addition screen.  Customers can also be added while invoicing or creating a repair order.  Instructions for both are in this video.   Want to reverse-sync customers from QuickBooks?  That is covered here, too.

Adding Your Logo and Printing

You can customize all your forms with an image or your business logo and contact information.  This video has instructions on how to accomplish this.   Learn how to select a printer


How to Set Up Sales Tax Rates

You are going to want your sales tax reports to be accurate.   This is where you set up your tax codes and sales tax rates.  You’ll want to be sure to do this before making any sales in Commander.  Learn how easy it is to create tax codes general ledger accounts for the codes and see how these are assigned them to customers.  If you have any questions, a tech support person is standing by to help.