Technology changes fast and Commander keeps up!

A great software product like Commander never stops evolving.  It continuously improves with new ideas that originate directly from customers.  Our developers work together with customers to identify the best new ideas that fit the changing demands in the industry.  These new ideas typically result in two or three new updates each year.  It means your software never gets out of date.  Your Commander stays current and on the cutting edge of technology!

Version 5.12

Sales / Invoicing

Company Name –  Company name will now print to the 3” receipt sales/invoices.

Sales / Invoicing & Repair Orders

Supercessions – This new feature displays a full supersession list of part items backwards and forwards. This can be seen from the Invoice, Repair Order and from the items screen.

Filter Voiced Transactions – New filter options to filter out the voided transactions from the Sales/Invoice and Repair Order summary screen. Click the magnifying glass icon to select the new filter option.

Voids by Check – Voiding transactions that are paid by check will now refund as a check payment type. It was previously refunded as Cash.

Sales Person Name Prints – Now can print sales person or service writers name on printed invoice or repair order instead of the employee’s number.

Multiple Cash Drawer Support – Added support for multi-able cash drawers. Each work station can be assigned to its own cash drawer.

Tracking # Field – Added a tracking number box under checkout when you click the button in the shipping charge field. The tracking number can be added after the invoice or repair order is closed by right clicking the transaction from the Sales Invoice or Repair Order screen.

New Payment Type for X-Charge – Added dedicated payment types for X-Charge Credit and Debit card payments on Sales/Invoice and Repair Orders when you are using the integrated merchant processing.

Repair Orders

Reference Box Lengthened – The reference box on repair orders has been extended to 20 characters.

New Search Option – Now can Search repair orders by company name.

2nd Mileage/Hours Box – Added a second mileage/hours in & out box to repair orders.

Time Clock – Enhanced the Time Clock feature for clocking in and out of labor jobs.

Warranty Ro’s – Now you can assign vendors when doing warranty repair orders and can also print customer and warranty copies.

GL Tracking – Separate GL tracking for warranty.

Save Button – An option was added to turn off the save button once the repair order has been posted.

Preference for Sales Type – An option was added to set the default Sales Type in preferences for repair orders.

Unit Inventory

Unit Label – Now you can customize the unit field label for “NO. OF CYLINDERS”.    Numeric values only allowed in this field.

Unit Label Fuel Type – The unit field label for ‘Fuel Type” can be customized.

Unit Types – The main unit screen now has a  “TYPE” option.


Default Price for Customers – The “Print Price Field” box under customer detail setting can now be used to set which default price prints on customers invoice or repair order.

Purchase Orders

PO Lines Numbered – Each line item on purchase orders is now numbered.

PO Kits – When adding a kit to a purchase order now adds the items quantity set on the kit.

PO Upload Additions – Added purchase order upload options for BMW, Yamaha Canada, Piaggo/Vespa, Motovan, MTA, Kimpex and Harley Davidson ( You can now upload your purchase orders to these companies websites.


Sales Activity Report – The Sales Activity report now separates FEEs from ITEMs on the report.

Invoice Register Report – A void filter was added to the repair order status and invoice register report.

Unit Transaction Report – A filter by OEM and category was added to the Unit transaction report.

Payment Method Report – A “cash back” field was added to the payment method report.

Payment Groupings – Payment grouping by cash drawer were added to the payment report.

General Ledger Report – The General Ledger report was enhanced to print the GL’s name in addition to the GL’s account number.

Transaction Report – A “transaction status” filter was added to the unit transaction report.

Job Scheduler Report – A technician name was added to the Job Scheduler report.

Invoice Register Report – We added Misc, Labor and Sales Rep number to the Invoice Register report.

Payment Methods Report – This report was enhanced to separate payments taken on “Pay On Account” transactions from all other payments.

Payment Report – The credit card type for each credit card payment was added to the Payment report.


User Logins – These traditional logins now can be setup to auto assign sales reps on their individual invoices and repair orders.

Prompt for Login  – An option was added to prompt for login when creating a new invoice or repair order.

Price Change/Discount Security –  Security was added to control line item discount and changing line item price on Sales/Invoices and Repair Orders.

Version 5.11

Sales / Invoicing

New Invoice Hides Part Numbers – The Sales/Invoice Form 6NP now prints without part numbers and the customers phone number now displays on closed Sales/Invoices and Repair Orders. Allows hiding the part number to prevent customers from seeing the part number – to shop your pricing. (v11.5.5.7)

Trade-In Feature– A “Stocked” unit can now be placed on multiple quotes and a unit sales trade-in feature was added. (v11.5.5.5)

Transfer Payments to QB – New Payment On Account/POA sales type option allows you to transfer just the payment to QuickBooks. (v11.5.5.11)

Invoice for Window Envelopes – A new Form Type 1A was added that aligns customer’s mailing address with standard window envelopes. (Form 1A) (v11.5.5.11)

Sales/Invoicing and Repair Orders

New Sales Types – Two new sales types were added: Rental and Transfer to invoicing and RO.. (v11.5.5.10)

More New Sales Types – Two new sales types were added on ver 5.11: “Buy Here Pay Here” and “Layaway”. (v11.5.5.11)

Hide Customer Information – Added the ability to hide customer information at the top of the Sales/Invoice & Repair Order. (v11.5.5.11)

Posted Invoices and ROs – Previously you could only change customers, line item prices and line item discounts on Quotes. Now the same is possible on POSTED Invoices and Repair Orders. (v11.5.5.10)

Repair Orders

Tasks – Parts and Labor items can now be organized or grouped together by “Tasks” making it easier to for customer to identify and understand his complete cost for each task or job on the work order. (v11.5.5.11)

Payments – Even if an RO has $00.00 value, now it’s possible to take a payment or deposit and apply it against that $00.00 RO. (v11.5.5.11)

New RO Form Types – Mailing RO’s that align with windowed envelopes. (3RA, 3RB and 3RC available) (v11.5.5.10)

Tech Assignment – Should no technician have been assigned to labor with ver. 5.7 a warning message will now be displayed at checkout. (v11.5.5.7)

RO Sales Tax- If shop fees and shipping are not already taxable, the sales tax for shop fees and shipping will default to the sales tax on the RO header. (v11.5.5.5)

Shop Fees –Shop Fee’s were changed so shop, disposal and environmental fee’s can be automatically added to your RO – based on a percentage of parts and/or labor. (v11.5.5.4)

Service Tags – Repair Order service tags can now be printed to your Zebra bar code printer. The tag includes unit, vin or serial number and make, model, year, customer’s name, repair order start date and repair order number.

Email RO – Added option to email a Repair Order. (v11.5.5.4)

Time Clock – Technician Time Clock was added to compute Actual Labor Hours, by technician. (v11.5.5.10)

Technician Scheduler –The technician scheduler was enhanced to include a calendar view. Each technician can be displayed with a separate color on the schedule. The color is assigned in Employee setup.   (v11.5.5.5)


Item Sales History – The item Sales History tab was enhanced to include totals for cost, selling prices and profit. The change makes it possible to easily view parts Sales History of any Item for any given time period. (v11.5.5.9)

Item Search – The item search can be narrowed using the “quotation” mark. Example: “1234” (v11.5.5.9)

Categories – The parts“categories” in items are now displayed in alphabetical order. (v11.5.5.7)

Batch Rules Calculations –Price calculation formulas can exclude items with on hand or on order quantities > zero from the calculation. (v11.5.5.4)

Fee Items – New Fee Items can be added for “Oil Disposal, Tire Disposal, DMV Fees etc”. No on-hand quantity is required. Track these be assigning a separate GL account number. (v11.5.5.4)


New Tab – New tab added to the bottom of Unit screen. This tab is called “Open Inv/RO”.  Permits viewing open Quotes, Invoices and Repair Orders. Shows if Unit is on a Quote or can locate a Quote for any Unit. Or can locate and navigate to an Open Repair Order from the Unit screen. (v11.5.5.9)

Status Type – It used to be the only Status types were Customer, Stocked and Sold. Now 3 more status types have been added: 1) On Holdindicates the unit is on an open quote and 2) in service– the unit is on one or more open ROs.  3) Trade-in means this customer’s unit is being used as a trade-in. The status will change to stock when the unit is invoiced.

Unit Sales Tax –  A specific sales tax code can now be assigned directly to the unit when it is place in stock. (v11.5.5.5)

Unit Mileage – Now Commander will prompt for unit mileage and/or hours when selling units. (v11.5.5.5)

Unit Security – When the status of any unit changes, the change is written to a log file and can optionally require authorization.


Customer & Vendor Search– Now search Customers and vendors by customers list ID and vendors list ID. (v11.5.5.7)

Customer Export –The customer export utility now includes customer unit information. This is accessed using the Customer address labels. (v11.5.5.4)

Address LabelsA customer classification was added to the customer address labels. (v11.5.5.4)

Address Labels– The address labels can now be printed on the same labels used for parts when printed on supported Zebra printers. LP2844 / ZP450 (v11.5.5.4)


Customer Balance Report Added a Customer Balance report showing any open invoices or RO’s that have a balance due. (v11.5.5.11)

Sales Activity and Sales Tax The Sales Activity and Sales Tax Authority Reports are now combined in a single Report and payment detail fields also added. (v11.5.5.10)

Labor Job Status Report – A new Labor Job Status report was added to track the labor line item status on repair orders by Job Status. Examples would be “WP” waiting for parts or “WA” waiting for customer approval. (v11.5.5.4)

Excluded Update Items – A new report was added that lists items that were excluded from price update.

Non-Inventory items – New Fee’s and Non-Inventory item reports added. One report lists the items and the other shows sales using these item types. (v11.5.5.4)

QuickBooks Interface

Cost of Labor No Transfer Option – An option was added to the way the QuickBooks interface works. You can now optionally set up Cost of Labor in Commander to NOT transfer to COGS account in QuickBooks. Please call technical support for help in setup.   This feature allows better tracking of Labor costs on RO’s in Commander without affecting the COGS account in QuickBooks. (v11.5.5.10)

Trade In Units – Units taken in trade can now be transferred to QuickBooks during the unit sales process. Note that the Invoice total cannot be negative. (v11.5.5.9)

Customer AR Balance – A Customer’s QuickBooks account balance now displays in the Commander check out screen. It also shows in the Customer Details Tab and syncs with QuickBooks during each transfer.  Note: The QuickBooks balance is sent to Commander. (v11.5.5.7)

Transfer Bills Option – An option was added to the QuickBooks interface to Enter and Transfer bills created against received purchase orders – to QuickBooks.   Also permits entering shipping expense and sales tax expense that appears on your received invoices. (USA version only). (v11.5.5.5)

Warehouse Locator

 First Release–The first release of the warehouse locator database was made available, to display inventory levels in vendor’s ware houses from within Commander’s invoicing and RO programs.  Inventory data is uploaded into Commander daily from the vendor website, keeping the stocked quantities updated. (v11.5.5.5)

Parts Unlimited Locator Change – Parts Unlimited began providing Automatic Daily Price updates for customers having received approval. Specific PU authorization and setup is required (v11.5.5.10)

New Vendor Locators – Marshall began providing warehouse inventory information. (v11.5.5.11) as did Custom Chrome, Automatic Distributors, One Industries, Fox Racing and Motovan. (v11.5.5.9)

Version 5.10 and Prior

Min/Max Added to PO It’s became possible to set up Min/Max stocking levels on items while in the PO pad screen.  A History Tab was also added to view item sales history while in the PO screen. (v11.5.5.7)

Specific Cost Pricing – Dealer specific cost pricing was made available to upload to Parts Unlimited, Western Powersports and Donovan Marine dealers (v11.5.5.11)

Electronic Parts Catalog Interface – New interface completed to move Volvo Penta’s EPC picklist into Commander Invoices and RO’s (v11.5.5.11)

Contact Commander Support – This update made it possible to request Commander support by using the drop-down HELP menu, which generates an email directed to Tech Support. (v11.5.5.11)

Price File Loader – There are now fewer steps required to load a price file, which permits loading Custom price files from any workstation. Please call technical support as this update is available but requires some setup.   (v11.5.5.10)

New Mapping Utilities – For loading custom Land N Sea and Tucker price files received directly from Vendor. (v11.5.5.10)

License Updater – This automated license updater replaced the license keys email/load requirement on (v11.5.5.10)

Output Data to Excel – Use the “Customize Current View” creates the Report Grid. This grid is available in various screens”  Customers, Items, Units, Invoices, Repair Orders etc.)  By marking the screen and copying that data to the clipboard, it becomes just a cut and past to move the Commander data into Excel (“Edit” <Ctrl C>). (v11.5.5.10)

Cross Reference – We began offering Cross reference files between Parts Unlimited, Tucker, WPS and Marshall back on ver. 5.10.  Cross references are also available for Sierra marine and between all the major V-Twin vendors (v11.5.5.10)

Physical Inventory – Feature was added to allow adjusting the Min/Max levels while posting to the Inventory Count Sheets. (v11.5.5.7)

Barcode Labels – Should the price change on a part after loading the new price file, labels can be generated for just the changed items. (v11.5.5.5)

Search Tool NE Search” is the system wide search utility. It was completely rewritten to improve search speed, performance and flexibility. (v11.5.5.4)

Unit Listing Report – The Unit listing report was enhanced to allow filtering by customer name and unit location. (v11.5.5.4)

SERVICE MANAGER PRO SMP labor flat rate integration. Interface with SMP flat rate labor guides, provides OEM factory labor times to upload to Commander repair orders. SMP is available at additional cost. (v11.5.5.4)

PHYSICAL INVENTORY – Option added to create blank physical inventory count sheets. (v11.5.5.4)