Automate your parts, sales and service departments.

Commander software is hands-down the most cost-effective

and complete software product in the market today.

Commander is designed for the marine industry.  It handles parts for Mercury, Yamaha, Evinrude, Honda, Suzuki, Tohatsu and Volvo dealers as well as a long list of aftermarket suppliers.

Mercury Marine says Commander is one of the best software companies:   “we review the finest software companies and select the companies that offer you the most complete and effective information systems to assist in managing your dealership”.  View MercNet Video.

Commander is the best choice if you’re a marine dealer because we have the features you need:

  • Weekly and Monthly Parts Price Catalog updates
  • Electronic purchase order uploads into MercNET, YMBS and others
  • MIDAS, PartsManager Pro and ARI PartSmart EPC Interface imports parts into invoices and work orders without retyping
  • Available QuickBooks interface
Commander software is hands-down the most cost-effective and complete software product in the Powersports industry today.

Whether you are a small, independent shop or a large franchised dealership you’ll find Commander to be powerful, easy to use and best of all, affordable!

Commander is the right choice if you’re a powersports dealer.  We have all the right features:

  • Automatic parts price updating for all your vendors
  • EPC interface to HLSM, PartSmart, PartsManager Pro, Honda iN, imports parts into invoices and work orders without retyping.
  • Flat Rate Labor Guide integration
  • Cross reference database with comparative pricing
  • In business for over 35 years
  • Over 2500 satisfied users
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Available interface to QuickBooks
Commander software has a rich history in the OPE industry.  MIC Systems acquired the Powercom-2000 product from Briggs & Stratton and ARI PartSmart in 1999.   “MIC has a solid reputation for customer satisfaction and support, and as a result the dealers are in good hands.” (Brian Dearing – President, ARI)

That continuing 35 year tradition for a solid software solution lives on today with the Commander Software.

Our OPE software includes an EPC interface to ARI PartSmart.  It also connects you to parts price updating with over 400 manufacturers and suppliers, providing an automatic method to quickly update all your prices – and add new model part numbers, too.

Your system is always current and you never have to manually add part numbers, prices or descriptions!  With Commander, price updates will keep you selling at the latest and most current prices, increasing your profits!

Why use generic off-the-shelf software to run your golf car business when there’s Commander? Commander is the affordable and complete Windows software system that automatically updates parts pricing for

  • Yamaha
  • Club Car
  • EZ Go
  • Kawasaki engine
  • Briggs & Stratton
  • Cushman
  • Nivel
  • Redhawk
  • Bad Boy

With these entire price books loaded on your computer, you’ll never have to manually enter part numbers, descriptions or prices by hand.  You’ll also see cross-referenced items and comparative pricing.

Commander is affordable, easy to use and it interfaces with QuickBooks, too.