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QuickBooks Interface


Many of the V-Twin dealers we work with have previously used QuickBooks to do their accounting but also to handle the parts Inventory, invoicing and work orders, too. While QuickBooks is great for running the financial end of the business, it’s cumbersome and awkward when it comes to the inventory and invoicing.  It lacks the features we’ve put into Commander that are important to every V-Twin dealer:  Parts price updating, integration to EPC catalogs, electronic PO uploads to vendors, warehouse locators and more.

But because QuickBooks works so well for financial management (AR, AP, GL, PR) we suggest you keep QuickBooks to do the financial end of your business and  replace QuickBooks inventory and invoicing functions with Commander industry specific Parts, Service and Sales software.

Then with our QuickBooks Interface, let Commander move the transactions made in Commander over to QuickBooks electronically. There’s no manual posting of Invoices or Repair Orders or Sales Invoices.  The interface will even posts payments over to QuickBooks!

Commander & QB Work Together


Commander Manages Inventory, POS, RO Billing Better Than QB

  • Commander has no limit on part numbers.  We keep and store ALL part numbers and correct prices for ALL your vendors!
  • The advantage to this?  You won’t have to manually add new items when special ordering or when your new catalog arrives in February.
  • Parts prices are updated when they change via a web download.  There’s no more manual fixing of prices, one item at a time, all day long!
  • If you’re a Drag dealer, Commander even updates your Dealer Picks, Daily Specials, Weekly Specials and Monthly Specials, too!  How cool is that?
  • Entire price books are updated monthly – some every day!
  • Integration with Parts Catalogs – gives you the “tag and drop” feature
  • The Flat Rate Labor guide Integrates with POS and RO billing in Commander
  • Commander has a feature to electronically upload orders to vendor websites
  • The warehouse parts locator shows parts availability at your vendor!

 Commander plugs all the holes in QuickBooks.  If you’re a QuickBooks user, today is the day for you to switch to Commander.  Call us!

Solving the QuickBooks Problems


QuickBooks Limitations- Solved by Commander!

  • Limited to 14,500 inventory items in QB Pro and Premier
  • QuickBooks can’t import long price lists – they have 14,500 item limit
  • With QuickBooks you have to make manual price changes one item at a time.
  • Because often times prices change daily, manual price changing isn’t practical
  • QuickBooks doesn’t integrate with Electronic Parts Catalogs like HLSM
  • QuickBooks has no Flat Rate Labor guides integrated with POS and RO Billing
  • QuickBooks has no PO uploading direct to vendor websites
  • QuickBooks doesn’t have  Warehouse parts locators like Commander


Conclusion: Use Commander Inventory with QuickBooks Accounting

  • Commander overcomes ALL these limitations to QuickBooks !!
  • Plus, Commander offers much more in the way of CUSTOM features !