The Commander POS and Inventory system stores entire price catalogs for Drag, Biker’s Choice, CCI, V-Twin, Midwest, Kuryakin, S&S and others, right on your computer.   This gives you immediate access to pricing and even warehouse inventory with our exclusive “warehouse locator”!

And parts price changes are automatic and available over the web so you’re always sure you are selling at the right price.

Another extra is the cross referencing and comparative pricing between vendors.  Check out Commander for your V-Twin business!




Most V-Twin dealers work on Harleys, some build custom bikes and many also work on metric bikes, too.  If this describes your business, you’ll love the available flat rate labor guide that integrates with Commander’s repair order program.

The labor guide taps into 1.4 million flat rate labor operations for all the major OEMs including Harley. This enables you to accurately figure the hours it will take to do everything from complete engine overhauls to minor repairs, for ALL makes!

It makes good sense to take a close look at Commander Software.


Need a way to track used bikes and get positive control over all your motorcycle, new and used? Commander even tracks reconditioning costs and adds them to the cost of your trade-ins.  There’s also functionality that enables you to store unlimited photos of every bike you own, even including customer owned bikes.


Now that you’ve discovered Commander, you’ll still want to keep using QuickBooks for your accounting functions. But after you check us out, you’ll probably want to replace the Inventory and invoicing functions of Quickbooks with Commander.

Commander’s inventory and invoicing and repair order software is designed for specifically for V-Twin dealers.

Commander solves all those quirky shortcomings of QuickBooks but still interfaces to QuickBooks and posts sales transactions and payments into QuickBooks automatically.