Inventory Control

Commander will store entire price catalogs for Drag, Biker’s Choice, Harley, Custom Chrome CCI, Teds V-Twin, Midwest, Mid-USA, Kuryakin, S&S Cycle, Arlen Ness Viola, and others.  This eliminates the problem of price updating and adding items to inventory before you special order.

Our exclusive Cross Reference feature will show which items can be substituted and will even show comparative pricing between vendors!

  • Many different and distinct cost fields are available including Last Cost and Average Cost.
  • List Price and 9 other calculated List Price fields are available for every item.
  • Part records also contain Vendor number, alternate number and UPC number
  • Cross references with comparative pricing are included
  • Use your keyboard or scanner to fine any part by number, by partial number or description or UPC or even vendor number or alternate part number!

Parts Invoicing

If you sell parts over-the-counter,  the Commander invoicing system lets you make invoices and quotes fast and easy.  Imagine cranking out an invoice in as little as 7 seconds!  All the part numbers for Drag and Biker’s Choice, CCI etc. are pre-loaded on your computer and the prices stay current!  There is even barcode recognition software included with Commander.  This makes the checkout process fast, easy and accurate.

And the cross-reference feature is awesome!  It shows you alternate part options and even provides comparative pricing between vendors.

There’s even a connection to web-based credit card processing at checkout!  Commander integrates Invoices and Work Orders with merchant credit card processing so you won’t have to use a phone line and staple the customer’s receipt to the sales invoice.  It’s all connected and integrated!

  • Integration to the HLSM EPC catalog. See all the images and part numbers for Harley and all the metric lines, too.  This lets you just drop a parts list into an invoice or work order with NO re-typing any of the part numbers.  This is a huge time saver.
  • Gives you a great way to control your special order parts by automatically and electronically submitting them orders to your vendors like Drag and Biker’s Choice.
  • Processes your credit card transactions with a fast, integrated web base connection

Parts Prices – Keeping them Current

Some V-Twin dealers are still doing manual price changes – one part at a time and checking prices all day on the vendor’s web-site.  But since Commander stores the whole price book from all your vendors, you won’t have to do that time-consuming price checking and can focus instead on selling stuff and making money.

  • Commander can update all the most popular vendor part pricing via the web
  • Vendors like Drag, Biker’s Choice, CCI, Teds V-Twin, Midwest, Kuryakin, S&S, and WPS update frequently.  Commander handles these.  Even get’s your customer weekly specials in the system.  This makes your cost and selling prices always up-to-date.
  •  If you have a favorite vendor not on our price file list, just ask and we will show you how to use a conversion utility that enables you to make any number of custom parts price files yourself – or we’ll convert it for you for a small fee.
  • Complete price books in Commander contain not just your stocking items but ALL AVAILABLE PARTS.
  • The Cross reference connects most V-twin vendors showing compatible parts and often times, better pricing
  • Commander’s unique Warehouse Locator displays inventory that’s available at YOUR VENDOR’s warehouse to give you and your customer current parts availability in case you have to special order an item.

Parts Catalog and Flat Rate Integration

Commander interfaces and connects to the HLSM Parts Catalogs (EPC). This means you can connect Commander to the Harley Davidson electronic microfiche AND to all major metric OEM microfiche images, too!

Being connected to HLSM means you can tag part numbers in HLSM and transfer them electronically to an invoice or work order in Commander – without ever typing in ANY part numbers!

Integration to labor guides from Service Manager Pro places 1.4 million flat rate labor operations right on your computer for Harley and all the other major OEMs. Now, drill down to the exact hours for everything from complete engine overhauls to minor repairs for ALL MAKES of bikes you work on.  How cool is that ?

Special Ordering


When you create an invoice or work order, Commander knows which of the parts need to be special ordered. Those parts get electronically moved to a list of parts to special order.  You just highlight the parts you want to order and takes care of transferring these items to the vendor’s electronic purchase order.  No re-typing of part numbers! It’s easy, accurate and organized !  Orders for stock are just as easy!  Commander can calculate these orders automatically, based on the on Minimum and Maximum levels in your inventory.

Barcode Features


Much of your inventory arrives “pre-barcoded” with either a label or a UPC code.  Why not use this coding to increase the speed and accuracy when you charge out parts?  Commander has included barcode software in the system!  Barcodes and UPC’s are scanned quickly and accurately with Commander, which dramatically reduces the time required to create an invoice or work order.

Barcoding even helps when a purchase order is received since Commander will automatically print barcodes for any items on the PO that might still need a label.  If you don’t aleady have a scanner or printer we can help you find some equipment that is right for you.