Calendar Year-End Check List for Commander

Every year, Commander customers want to cover these 3 items before closing out December and starting the new year 2023:

1.  Run a report – Get exact inventory totals

If you will need exact inventory valuation for the end of calendar year 2020 – you must run a report before closing out December.  Below are instructions for running an inventory value report.

2.  Close Your Open Invoices

If you want invoices to be included in 2020 business you will need to close them in December.  Invoices left open will roll over into 2021.

3.  Make a Year End Backup

In addition to the regular Commander backups you are doing, it’s always a good idea to make a final backup for the calendar year at the end of December.  Save it on an external drive or external device or to the cloud.

How to Run Inventory Value Report