Install in 48 Hours


  • Download links are sent when order is placed

  • Software is installed same day on your computers

  • On-line training completes the process

  • Commander license agreement

more . . . setup and installation

We fast-track your installation by using the speed and convenience of the internet.  When you order Commander you’ll immediately receive program links to download.  Downloads in the morning are installed the same day on your computers.  A typical installation without data conversion, gets up and running – using all the basic features of the parts and service system – within 48 hours of placing your order.

You’ll be adding customers and part numbers and writing invoices and repair orders after our first session together.  When you first open Commander, you’ll find we have pre-loaded your vendor price files with the software and customized your configuration to make start-up easy.  Like any new product, out software requires some training, but we work with you on this in both group training and individual sessions.  With just a little practice, you will fast become proficient at writing parts invoices and repair orders as well as all the basic inventory control functionality.

Using the internet to connect to your computer permits having effective on-line training sessions with your people. This kind of training can be done at your convenience. It’s just like having an installer in your shop giving you personalized instruction.  Once you commit to learning Commander, a typical business gets things operational during the first week after you download your software.

more . . . Mac users run Commander using Parallels

Parallels software makes it simple for customers to use and access the applications and files they need on their Mac or other device or operating system whether it’s Windows®, Mac®, iOS, AndroidTM, Chromebook, Linux, Raspberry Pi or the Cloud.

Commander Specs 5-2019

Data Conversions


We will convert your existing list data for customers, parts inventory, unit inventory and vendors from your current system to Commander.  Skip the task of manually adding customers, vendors, parts and unit inventory.  Get right to using your new system.  This saves a huge amount of time and energy and gets you up and running quickly!

Keep a copy of your old software for viewing transactional data after you convert to Commander.

Data conversion formats are available for customers, parts, unit inventory, vendors and parts price files.

Field Layout - Customer File Import

Field Layout for Customer Import

Field Layout - Parts Inventory Import

Field Layout for Parts Inventory Import

Field Layout - Unit Inventory Import

Field Layout for Unit Inventory Import

Field Layout - Vendor Import

Field Layout for Vendor Import

Field Layout - Custom Parts Price File Import

Field Layout for Custom Parts Price Import