Golf Car Dealer Parts Inventory

Why just store stocked items in your computer when you can store entire catalogs for all your vendors?  Commander keeps entire price books on your computer for Club Car, EZ-GO, Cushman, Bad Boy, Yamaha, Kawasaki engine, Briggs & Stratton, Nivel, Redhawk and your other Golf Car vendors. All parts prices are kept current for these vendors as prices change using a web based updating feature.  Parts prices are automatically updated via the WEB.  There’s even a Cross Reference feature showing when an item can be substituted for an OEM part and shows comparative pricing.

  • Multiple cost fields are available:  Last Cost, Average Cost and Package Cost
  • Up to 9 List Price fields are available for every part item – with built in calculators
  • Fields available for bin locations
  • Locate parts by part number, vendor number, alternate number and UPC number
  • A cross reference feature is included with comparative pricing
  • Search for parts by entering the part number, partial number, description, UPC code, vendor’s part number or an alternate part number.  Either key it in or simply scan it!

POS Features

Commander lets you quickly build and print quotes and invoices. They can even be emailed to customers.  And there’s barcode software included to scan parts with spped and accuracy.  Commander’s cross-reference feature locates alternate part options in both invoices and work orders.

  • Easily create and print a quote or parts invoice in under 8 seconds
  • Connects to popular EPC catalogs like ARI PartSmart and Yamaha making it possible to “tag & drop” parts to an invoice without even typing in the part numbers
  • Speeds special ordering by automatically sending  parts to a PO
  • Processes credit card transactions  directly from the checkout screen.  No longer will you have to staple credit card receipts to the parts invoice.

Internet Parts Price Updating

Commander software keeps prices current for your vendors like Club Car, EZ-GO, Cushman, Bad Boy, Yamaha, Kawasaki engine, Briggs & Stratton, Nivel, Redhawk and your other Golf Car vendors.  Price updates are done over the internet and the result is your prices are accurate and up to date.  If you happen to have a vendor for which we don’t have pricing, no problem.  We will provide you with a utility to convert and load those entire catalogs yourself or we’ll convert them for you for a small fee.

Sure, pricing parts individually can be done manually, one at a time, by going to the vendor’s web site or using their catalog.  But that’s really time consuming. The better way is having all your vendors complete parts catalogs stored right in your Commander database.  Then you can immediately price any part number from one place:  Commander.  Vendor parts price updates are done via the web when prices change.

EPC Microfiche Integration

If you’re a Yamaha dealer, Commander connects to your ARI PartSmart EPC. That connection means you can tag part numbers in your EPC and drop them directly to your Parts invoice or Service RO in Commander – NO retyping ANY part numbers!  This is a BIG time-saver!

Special Ordering

When creating an invoice, the needed parts are not always in stock.  Parts that must be special ordered are automatically transferred to a purchase order to be special ordered.  You just review the daily PO list and approve the parts to order.  There’s even a function to move them to your vendor’s electronic purchase order. This way there is no re-typing of the parts!  It’s an easy and effective way to special order!  There’s even a provision to order parts for stock using a unique min/max system.

  • The special order function effectively manages your purchase order system.
  • It can electronically place orders with vendors
  • Commander will automatically increase the on hand quantity as parts are received on a PO
  • Commander prints bar code labels for parts that are received
  • Creates a list of those customers who need to be called and told to pick up their special ordered parts.
  • Can also make suggested orders for stock based on min/max levels.

Scanning and Printing Barcodes

Many parts already come “pre-barcoded”.  This makes scanning a nice feature that’s already included in the Commander POS system! Commander can scan barcodes or UPC’s quickly and accurately.  This significantly reduces time necessary to create a quote, invoice or work order.

As POs are received, some items may need a barcode.  Commander will automatically print those labels for some or all parts received on your purchase order, without manual entry of the part number!