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QuickBooks Interface


Use Commander, not QuickBooks, for Inventory and Invoicing

The QuickBooks Integration takes the invoices you make in Commander and electronically moves them over to QuickBooks.  You don’t need to manually post invoices, repair orders or sales invoices to QuickBooks.  The integration even posts payments in Commander to QuickBooks.

  • Keep on using QuickBooks to do your financial management – AR, AP, PR while replacing QuickBooks inventory and invoicing with Commander to create all your parts, service and sales transactions.
  • The integration to QuickBooks sends all the Commander invoice detail to QuickBooks from Commander which eliminates manually posting parts, sales and service invoices to QuickBooks.

Commander & QB – Working Together


Commander is BETTER than QB in tracking Inventory, and creating invoices and Work Orders

There is no limit of inventory items in Commander like there is in QuickBooks.  With Commander unlimited part numbers are permitted.  This means you can easily store ALL part numbers available for ALL suppliers and OEMs !  There is not a limit.

  • All vendor parts are stored on your computer and are available for special ordering without having to manually add such special ordered parts.
  • Automatic Parts price updates mean no more manual price updating one part number at a time!
  • Your complete price catalogs are updated when they change – some even updated every day!
  • Commander integrates with ALL EPCs– enabling “tag and drop” functionality
  • The Spader Flat Rate Labor guide can be integrated with Commander
  • There is Purchase Order uploading directly to supplier websites. This means no more typing or faxing of parts orders
  • Commander resolves all of the QuickBooks inventory/POS shortfalls

Commander Solves QB Problems


These Limitations of QuickBooks are Solved with Commander!

  • QB has a limit of 14,500 inventory items in QB Pro and Premier – no Limit in Commander
  • QB cannot import entire parts price lists because that surpasses their 14,500 item limit
  • In QB you must manually change prices one part at a time – a huge waste of time!
  • QB manual price changing isn’t practical in the marine business where prices change daily
  • QB has no integration with EPC catalogs
  • QB has no Flat Rate Labor guides to help with parts invoicing and work orders
  • QB has no PO upload capability to send orders to supplier websites


Conclusion: Marine Dealers should use Commander Invoicing and Work Order Programs in Conjunction with QB Accounting

  • All QB limitations are overcome with Commander Software!
  • Plus, Commander offers much more in the way of CUSTOM features !

more . . . . Reasons to Use QuickBooks for Financial Management

Reasons to Use QuickBooks to Manage Financials :

  • Many marine businesses already use QuickBooks for inventory and accounting
  • QuickBooks has an 85% market share in software for small business accounting.
  • Most accountants recommend QB – More than all other accounting software
  • QuickBooks has been field-tested by millions of accountants and small businesses
  • QuickBooks delivers a continuous and reliable performance

Key Features of QuickBooks

  • QuickBooks is affordable to buy and not costly to update
  • Receivables, Payables and General Ledger are all integrated together in QuickBooks
  • QuickBooks is easy to support because knowledgeable help is available most everywhere
  • QuickBooks Controls Payroll & Taxes in addition to General Ledger
  • QuickBooks can both import and export data
  • And . . . most importantly, QuickBooks will integrate with Commander software