Our Philosophy

MIC Systems didn’t set out to be the biggest software supplier — just the best for small businesses We never take our customers for granted. Our customers are real people, like us, working hard to make their businesses successful.   We strive to give personal attention to every customer and always be fair and honest in every business relationship.

We have made it our mission to “think outside the box” and deliver quality software solutions to all the industries we serve.  Our satisfaction is derived from hearing success stories describing how our products have helped customers become successful.  It’s the reason we feel that there’s a more to software development than just being the biggest.


History of MIC Systems

MIC Systems & Software was founded in 1979, in the era of mainframe computers, before the advent of the PC. It was a time of hand writing invoices and stock-record “card systems” for inventory control.

The introduction of the Personal Computer in 1981 placed computers in the hands of small business.  MIC Systems was an early developer of PC software between 1979 and 1985 using Microsoft’s first operating system, DOS. Over the past 40+ years, personal computer use has grown exponentially and even the smallest businesses use PC’s to run some part of their operation.

During this period, MIC Systems leveraged its experience with business management systems development and established a niche in the Powersports, Marine, Outdoor Power Equipment and Golf Car industries and addressed the needs of these vertical markets.  In the 1990’s, two acquisitions stimulated it’s growth and paved the way for development of the new Commander business management system: Brainstorm Software Engineering of Denver, Colorado and Briggs & Stratton’s PowerCom 2000 software were acquired.

MIC Systems rewrote Commander Software in 2005 using the latest Microsoft .NET framework and the SQL database.  The MIC Software of today continues to embody great features that customers have come to depend on over the years but has been redesigned, improved and enhanced for the next generation.

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