Commander Helps Sell a Motorcycle


Commander can not only track and manage your new and used bike inventory but can also be a tool for working your deal – including precise payment calculation and all your necessary forms printing.

When you find a buyer for a unit, the Commander sales calculator will crunch the numbers for you as you work the deal.  When the sale is closed, the deal uploads to the Commander Forms Generator, where all the required forms are printed.  No more hand-writing or typing forms is required!


Add the Sales Calculator


  • If you are a present customer, you can ADD the Sales Calculator to your Commander software
  • To get started, purchase a license for the Commander sales calculator and install it in your existing Commander system.
  • Next, launch the Sales Calculator from inside Commander invoicing when you sell a unit.
  • The calculator includes features to roll the payment, change the down payment and make payment comparisons on the way to finalizing the deal with your buyer.
  • Use it to work your deal and arrive at the monthly payment based on the selected APR, agreed upon loan term and other variables.
  • All the while you have access to a “Deal Summary” tab that calculates and displays the profit on the deal before it is completed.
  • Once a deal is finalized in Commander, you are ready to print all your forms.


Print Required Forms


  • Now the new or used unit details and financing information exports to the Commander Forms Generator.  Required forms are all automatically filled out and printed.  No more hand-writing forms is required!
  • Your forms are customized for your dealership.  They can include state DMV forms, purchase agreements, bank contracts, warranties, insurance verification forms, vehicle invoices, purchase agreements, etc.  If the one you need isn’t already in our library, we will add it to your system.
  • Additional integrations are available with App One®, RouteOne® and CUDL®  to automatically send information to these different web sites!


Video Demo