Manage Inventory and Fabrication


If you build custom bikes, take bikes in on trade and maybe do reconditioning – Commander has a way to control this part of your business, too.


Commander will track your inventory of bikes by vin#, stock#, year, make and model too.  Control bikes as customer owned units, stocked units or sold units and sell and take trades.  Commander will track the true cost associated each sales deal, including setup and installed options while calculating the profitability on each deal.  Even can print a handout or sales brochure with photos of bikes you have in stock.


Commander has the ability to track motorcycle fabrication all the way from the molding to the pain job.  It will upload custom parts or materials books straight into the system.  You can even track your 36” work bench parts in Commander.  The tool kits can be installed in Commander and re-ordered through the 4 way re-ordering system: Upload electronically, email, fax, or call in.  Use our GL system to Itemize your reports.

Mock your bike, keep track of your fork stop kits, bearings, retainers, handlebars, bushings, washers, mock up bolts, upper fork claps, forks, front wheel, frames, dust covers, tapered bearings, fork clamps, nylon bushings, chrome washers, center sleeves, handlebars, wheels, axles, slider tubes.  Commander will handle it!

Sales Invoice

Inventory Listing