QuickBooks Video

Interface to QuickBooks


Replace QuickBooks Inventory with Commander’s Software

  • If you already have QuickBooks, keep using it for financial management but replace the QuickBooks inventory and invoicing functions with Commander
  • Why?  Because Commander has a host of special features for specific parts, service and sales that is designed just for the Golf Cart dealer.
  • The Commander’s QuickBooks Interface moves the transaction detail that you make with Commander electronically to QuickBooks so there isn’t any manual posting of Invoices or Repair Orders or Sales Invoices.

Commander vs. QB Inventory


Commander Manages Inventory Best –  POS, Inventory and RO Billing

  • Stores entire parts catalogs for Club Car, EZ-GO, Cushman, Bad Boy, Yamaha, Kawasaki engine, Briggs & Stratton, Nivel, Redhawk and your other Golf Cart vendorsThis means you won’t have to make manual parts price changes, one at a time, or add new items when special ordering.
  • Unlike QuickBooks, Commander permits storing an unlimited number of inventory items – ALL your catalogs from ALL your vendors!
  • Parts prices are automatically updated over the web.
  • Integration with PartsSmart EPC – permits using  “tag and drop” functionality
  • Purchase Order uploading is available to push orders direct to vendor website
  • Commander solves the shortcomings of QuickBooks and other non-Cart Dealer software

QB Problems – Solved by Commander


Nagging QuickBooks limitations are all corrected with Commander!

  • QuickBooks Pro/Premier limit of 14,500 items?  Commander is unlimited!
  • QuickBooks manual parts price change requirement – Commander updates automatically!
  • QuickBooks lacks integration to EPC catalogs – Commander integrates to ARI PartSmart
  • QuickBooks doesn’t have PO uploading to vendor websites – Commander does!


Decide to Use Commander with QuickBooks Accounting

  • Designed for Golf Cart dealers
  • Commander overcomes ALL the shortcomings of QuickBooks !
  • And Commander offers so much more CUSTOM features – designed for this industry!