Repair Orders


The Commander repair order program provides golf car dealers with an easy, fast and effective way to service their cars.  Key information: like RO service history, parts special orders is available and easy to use.  Even labor times by technician are part of Commander.  Now you can see breakdowns of repairs by individual job or task.  By making these jobs separate and subtotaling them, it’s easier for your customer to understand the needed work and easier to approve or decline repairs that have been suggested.


It’s Easy to Create Organized, Easy-to-Read Repair Orders

  • Commander creates & tracks repair estimates and parts orders by customer and by car
  • Can assign several mechanics to an individual work order
  • Allows you to create several labor rates for different repairs and /or mechanics
  • Has a DUPLICATE feature that will copy a previous RO – then use it for today’s job.  Just changing the customer who happened to ask for same or similar repairs.  This is a Giant time-saver!
  • Tracks warranty claims.

Sample RO

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Measure Productivity

  • Track the time a mechanic works on a job compared to what is actually invoiced
  • Review status reports of all current ROs and estimates
  • Keep your mechanics busy by managing their service schedule

Improve Workflow

  • Use standard labor codes to quickly create accurate ROs.
  • Automatically orders parts not in stock by pushing non-stock items to the PO pad
  • Email customer quotes and RO copies directly from Commander
  • Integrate your merchant credit card processing directly to processor  more on Credit Card Integration
  • Search and locate parts used on any RO by number, partial number, description, UPC, vendor number or alternate part number
  • Attach multiple photos of the boat or motor to any repaired unit documenting damage or required service
  • Generate profitability reports and variable reports

The Commander RO eliminates unnecessary data entry and the problem of messy handwritten repair orders.  Easily print estimates and write repair orders containing all the pertinent information about that customer and his boat or motor that is being serviced.

Take advantage of available electronic microfiche to help complete the repairs.  Commander interfaces to Mercury Midas, Yamaha, Honda iN, Volvo Penta and others!  This allows you to create a pick list in Midas, for example, and transfer it directly onto a repair order.  This makes it possible to create an R.O. without ever having to retype a part number!

When items need to be special ordered for a repair, you can create purchase orders with just a few clicks of your mouse.  That’s because every part number you could potentially use for a repair, is already stored in your system.   When you “post” a repair order, all the required parts not currently in stock for that job are moved to the “P.O. Pad” for ordering at the end of the day.

Commander Software gives you the controls you need to effectively manage your marine service department.  Access to information about customers, boats, motors and parts, allows your service techs to work faster and focus their attention back to service and repair.

Repair Orders

Pricing and Cross Ref. Video

Pricing and Cross Reference


Your parts prices are electronically kept current for Club Car, EZ-GO, Cushman, Bad Boy, Yamaha, Kawasaki engine, Briggs & Stratton, Nivel, Redhawk and your other Golf Car vendors.  There’s even a Cross Reference feature showing items that might be substituted – also showing comparative pricing for many vendors.

Accurate, Complete and Automatic

  •  Cross Reference links between Redhawk and Club Car, E-Z-GO and Yamaha vendors includes suggesting alternate parts that will work for this repair – and comparative pricing
  •  Our price file Database contains price books for over 600 vendors in other vertical markets:  marine, powersports and outdoor power equipment as well as golf car.

Interface to EPC


Most Golf Car dealers use some type of electronic parts catalog for looking up part numbers.  But most don’t know it’s possible to create an electronic list of parts in the EPC and automatically transfer that list to an estimate or invoice or repair order!  ARI Network Services has a product called PartSmart EPC.  Here’s how that works:

If you’re a Yamaha, Briggs & Stratton or Kawasaki dealer, using Commander and ARI PartSmart together will permit a function called “tag and drop”.  This lets you make a list of parts in PartSmart and electronically transfer that list directly into a quote, invoice or repair order.  No re-typing of any part numbers!  This majorly increases the accuracy of parts ordering because it prevents transposing or fat-fingering part numbers.

ARI PartSmart provides the fastest way to find the right part the first time.

  • ARI PartSmart lets you create a pick list to export to Commander
  • Makes it easy to find all the models/components where a part is used
  • Lets you search by part number, model number, part description and year
  • Also lets you display your suppliers notes and bulletins
  • PartSmart also gives you an easy way to print illustrations and lists of parts

Interface to EPC