MIC Systems thanks you for becoming a customer.

Someone in another part of the world thanks you too!


If you became a new customer since April of 2011, a wheelchair was gifted in your name to an individual in a developing nation.  This was done through Free Wheelchair Mission in Irvine, CA, an organization with an extraordinary vision.  Each year, through businesses and individuals like you, Free Wheelchair Mission provides the transforming gift of mobility to over 100,000 disabled and impoverished people that live in developing nations.  Over 1,300,000 wheelchairs have been gifted to needy individuals since 2001.

The person you helped was in dire need of a wheelchair yet lacked the resources to obtain one.  He or she was an outcast of society.  That is, until they received their free wheelchair!  Now they have the awesome gift of mobility – because of you!  Their new mobility has meant independence, regained dignity and leaving behind the days of living on the ground.  They now have the new ability to participate in society and finally go to school or earn a living!

So again, thank you for becoming a customer and especially for your recent gift of mobility!

Maybe your business would consider donating a wheelchair each time you make a big sale?  It is so rewarding to know that, together with your customer, you have taken a person out of the dirt and placed them in a wheelchair!  It’s awesome!  Think about it  . . . . There are thousands of people out there still waiting for their wheelchair.  Here’s a link to the Free Wheelchair website: