Here are Some Good Reasons:


  1. Commander is a technologically advanced program for controlling parts, service, sales, and accounting departments and is the best value of its kind in the industry today. It has both low start up costs and low monthly fees.
  2. Commander interfaces with QuickBooks, eliminating double posting.
  3. Web-based parts price updating service insures parts prices are always current and means your sales will be at the most current and highest retail prices, substantially increasing profit margins over a manual system.
  4. Commander has a short learning curve requiring no special onsite training or airplane trips to become an expert user.
  5. Commander interfaces to popular electronic microfiche products like: ARI’s PartSmart and HLSM’s Parts Finder, SMP Service Manager Pro’s Flat Rate Labor Guides, SnapOn Parts Manager Pro, Honda iN, Arctic Cat Parts Pro, BMW ETK, Mercury EZParts5 and many others. This permits faster invoicing and ordering which saves time and increases accuracy.  In 2019 we  integrated to the Huggins Outboard computer programs aftermarket cross reference system.
  6. A skilled and responsive tech support department stands by to help you in a prompt and courteous manner.
  7. Our programs are written in Microsoft .NET framework and employ the SQL database.  You receive State of the Art technology and will be compliant with Microsoft’s newest operating systems – presently Windows 10.
  8. MIC’s continuous product development delivers regular upgrades as part of our commitment to customers. This means you won’t find yourself with outdated technology down the road.  Your software stays updated and current.
  9. Commander integration to SMP Flat Rate Labor Guide covers 3 million different labor operations tell how long it will take to do everything from complete engine overhauls to minor repairs. Tag and drop times directly into your RO.
  10. Commander’s Cross Reference feature provides a list items from other vendors that will work, including comparative pricing!
  11. Warehouse Locators for many vendors shows vendors warehouse inventory from inside the RO making it easy to project parts availability while working your RO.
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