Parts Inventory Control

Store entire price books with every available vendor part number!  Indicate which items you stock by just adding quantities to these pre-loaded price books.

We keep all your parts prices current for Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, BMW, Harley Davidson, Arctic Cat, Polaris, KTM, Bombardier and all your major aftermarket suppliers too . . . Parts Unlimited, Tucker Rocky, Western Powersports, etc.  The Cross Reference feature will show which items can be substituted and will show comparative pricing.

  • Available cost fields are Last Cost, Average Cost, Package Cost and Reorder Cost
  • List Price and 9 more calculated List Price fields are available for every part item.
  • Bin locations are stored for every stocked item.
  • Every part contains part number, Vendor number, alternate number and UPC number
  • Includes cross references with comparative pricing
  • Can search and locate any part by number, partial number, description, UPC, vendor number or alternate part number – by keypad or by using a bar code scanner

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Everyone knows that handwriting parts invoices and work orders is definitely not the way to go.  Using generic off-the-shelf software is a futile exercise. Price changes occur too frequently. The key is to have all your vendor’s parts price databases available to you so you never have to manually enter part numbers, descriptions and price changes yourself. Otherwise, you end up turning into a typing clerk instead of running a powersports business. You need the Commander business management software. It’s very affordable, easy to use and it interfaces with QuickBooks financial software.

Commander has countless industry-specific features that make this POS software a winner in the powersports industry. For example, integration to electronic microfiche programs, such as ARI’s PartSmart and HLSM’s Electronic Parts Finder and electronic purchase order uploads to vendors like Tucker Rocky, Parts Unlimited and World of Powersports are two awesome features!

Our powersports repair and POS software connects you with parts price updating for over 600 vendors. This updates all your prices and adds new model part numbers to your system automatically. No more accidentally selling parts below retail or at cost.  Automatic price updates help to improve your bottom line and ensure that you’ll be selling at the most current prices. You can have every line item available from ALL YOUR VENDORS – automatically added to your inventory of available parts!

Point of Sale (POS)

Create fast and accurate parts invoices and quotes with Commander.  Built-in barcode recognition software speeds checkout and the cross-reference feature helps find alternate part options and pricing when you’re trying to make a sale.  Even seamlessly integrates POS with merchant credit card processing.

  • Scans, Prices, extends, taxes, totals and prints a parts invoice in as little as 7 seconds!
  • Interfaces to popular Electronic Catalogs – such as PartSmart and PartsManager Pro permitting “tag & dropping” of parts to an invoice – No typing of part numbers
  • Sends special order parts automatically to a “PO” pad – a staging area for PO’s.
  • Processes credit card transactions with fast, integrated, credit card processing

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Parts sales represent a good portion of the average dealer’s total revenue.  It’s crucial that parts invoicing transactions are quick, smooth and accurate.  The experience customers have at your parts counter will either make them a customer for years to come or drive them to the guy down the street.  Commander creates accurate estimates and invoices with lightning fast speed allowing you to focus your attention where it belongs – on your customers.

We’ve found that many businesses start with a software system like QuickBooks that works great for financial management, but was not designed for a parts department in your industry.  As a result, part numbers, descriptions and prices must be manually added before they are sold – these additions usually take place at the parts counter while your customers wait.

In an attempt to avoid manual parts entry in front customers, many dealers have spent countless hours adding part numbers and prices to their current system.  But, they soon discover that all their prices are out of date and they still have to manually add special order parts they’ve never stocked before.

Commander gives you access to all OEM and aftermarket pricing and keeps this information up-to-date.    When asked to special order an overhaul kit that you’ve never stocked before, just type in the part number and there is – with the highest current selling price.

Commander’s Parts Invoicing program will shorten your line at the parts counter, impress your customers and inject profit into your Parts Department.  Check out some of the other Parts Invoicing features in Commander Software:

• Prices, extends, taxes, totals and prints a parts counter ticket in as little as 7 seconds!
• Permits emailing invoices and quotes.
• Interfaces to popular Electronic Catalogs – such as PartSmart© – permitting “tag & drop” of parts to an invoice.
• Invoices print to a narrow paper slip printer or laser printer.
• Handles multiple payments on a single ticket, such as cash, credit card, check, gift cards, etc.
• Handles and tracks layaway parts sales.
• Purchase orders are easily created for special ordered parts.
• Sends special order parts directly to a “PO” pad for editing and emailing/transmitting to vendors.
• Interfaces to X-Charge for direct high speed credit card processing.
• Invoice history is stored for every customer.
• Provides fast and efficient bar code processing and parts pricing.
• Parts pricing is fully customizable so you can create your own unique selling prices.
• Stores your customer information and calculates special discounts.
• Can link a picture of your customer directly to his customer record.
• Supports unlimited sales tax scenarios and all complex tax situations.

Parts Price Updates

Still making manual price adjustments to your inventory, one part at a time? . . . or constantly doing price checks throughout the day?  Commander stores entire price books with every available vendor part number – and includes current up-to-date pricing!  Our price updates keep all your parts prices current as prices change.

  • Commander updates over 400 vendor’s part pricing via the internet.
  • Most vendors change their prices monthly.  We provide updates monthly too, so you’ll always have correct cost and list prices.
  • Complete price books in Commander contain not just your stocking items but ALL AVAILABLE PARTS.
  • Cross reference files between many popular vendors point toward compatible parts and often, better pricing.
  • Warehouse Locator displays available inventory at your vendor’s warehouse enabling you to locate parts while writing an invoice or RO.

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Parts prices are always changing!  And, as we’ve pointed out, Parts Unlimited alone has 132,002 part numbers in their catalog.  What if you sell parts from Parts Unlimited, Tucker Rocky, Western Powersports, Lockhart Phillips, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Polaris, Bombardier and KTM (to name a few)?  We’re talking about 1.5 million part numbers (1,469,642 to be exact).  These are part numbers and prices that are changing continually.  If you ignore these changes, you’re going to be selling parts at prices that are too low.  This is a BIG profit leak!

It IS possible to price parts one at a time by going to the vendor’s web site or thumbing through their directory.  But who is going to get the assignment?  It may be you (the owner), or the parts manager, or maybe the service manager or the bookkeeper or a counter person, perhaps?  Who in your shop has time to keep this huge quantity of part numbers updated?

Most likely, no one wants the job but keeping prices current is our specialty here at MIC Systems!   We have a whole department that works hard to convert popular price files to Commander.  If you have a favorite vendor not on our list, just ask and we will show you how to use a conversion utility that enables you to make any number of custom parts price files yourself – or we’ll convert it for you for a small fee.

EPC Microfiche Integration

Commander interfaces/connects to your Electronic Parts Catalogs (EPC). That connection means you can tag part numbers in your EPC and drop them directly to your Parts invoice or Service RO in Commander – NO retyping ANY part numbers!  This is a BIG time-saver!


Commander interfaces to ARI PartSmart, HLSM PartsFinder, Parts Manager Pro (Kawasaki), Honda iN, Arctic Cat Parts Pro, BMW ETK, Mercury MercNet and others.

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Electronic Microfiche, also known as Electronic Parts Catalogs (EPC), have been in use for the past ten years. They put parts images at your fingertips – right on your computer screen at the parts and service counters. This EPC technology has taken the industry a long way since paper catalogs were used. Even the more recent film-type microfiche cards and viewers became obsolete when electronic parts catalogs came into wider use.

Commander interfaces to ARI PartSmart, HLSM PartsFinder, Mercury MercNet, Parts Manager Pro (Kawasaki), Honda iN, Arctic Cat Parts Pro, BMW ETK and others.

That interface or connection means you can tag and drop part numbers from your EPC and to your Parts invoice or Service RO in Commander – NO retyping ANY part numbers!

Special Orders & Stock Orders

When you place parts on an invoice or RO, Commander automatically knows which of the parts are IN stock and which ones will have to be special ordered. These non-stocking parts are automatically moved to a “PO Pad”.  When reviewing your daily PO Pad list, just sort and highlight the parts to order and drop them onto your vendor’s electronic purchase order.  No re-typing of part numbers! It’s easy, accurate and organized !  Stock Orders can be automatically created based on Minimum and Maximums or on seasonality.

  • Built-in Special Order System automatically manages POs
  • Electronically places orders with your vendors
  • Automatically updates your on hand quantities when parts are received
  • Simultaneously prints bar code labels for the received parts
  • Generates special order reports and determines which customers need to be notified to pick up their parts.
  • Allows price adjustment before receiving purchase orders.
  • Generates suggested stock orders based on minimums/maximums or seasonal ordering.

HLSM Integrated with Commander

Supports Powersports OEM – Kayo

Your HLSM EPC subscription integrates with Commander providing more features:

  • Select the Kayo parts required in the HLSM EPC
  • One click automatically moves them to invoices and ROs
  • Electronically places orders directly through the Kayo dealer portal
  • HLSM helps you sell Kayo parts and Units, too.
  • Take the video tour on the right and see how HLSM works with Commander!

Barcode Scanners & Printers

Today, many stocking items come “pre-barcoded”, making scanning a great feature to have in your POS system! The Commander barcode system is built in to the software. It scans barcodes and UPC’s quickly and accurately, which dramatically reduces the time required to create an invoice or RO.

When a purchase order is received and some items need a barcode, Commander can automatically print barcodes for any items on the PO.

more . . . barcode scanners & printers

You can shorten the line at your parts counter and run your powersports operation with just as much efficiency as the grocer down the street who scans products at the cash register and has barcodes on everything.  Inventory barcode software comes standard on all our Commander inventory control software systems.  Using this barcode technology dramatically reduces checkout time and improves pricing accuracy.  This shortcut makes it possible to scan items and print an invoice in as little as 7 seconds.

To make this handheld inventory control scanner and barcoding technology affordable, we assemble barcode kits and make them available to new Commander Customers at wholesale pricing.  The kit consists of a handheld scanner, barcode printer, and labels.  It’s our way of encouraging our customers to use barcoding and scanning to get the most out of their new Commander System.  Contact the sales department to find out more information on this special offer or to learn more about our motorcycle business management software