Parts Inventory

Commander will keep your parts prices up to date for Briggs & Stratton, Kohler, Stihl, Simplicity, MTD, Echo, Toro, Honda, Cub Cadet, Oregon, Walbro, Zama etc. etc. Complete price catalogs with every available OPE vendor part number are stored on your computer!  Add quantities to these pre-loaded vendor price files to Indicate stocking items.  A handy Cross Reference feature shows items you might substitute with comparative pricing.  Ask about participating vendors.

  • Cost your inventory by Last or Average Cost
  • There are 10 selling price fields available to use for each part number
  • Displays Bin locations
  • Part numbers ban also be linked to Vendor, alternate and UPC part numbers
  • Available cross references and price comparisons between specific vendors
  • Lookup parts by complete or partial number, description, UPC, vendor or alternate part number – use your keyboard or any bar code scanner

POS Features

Invoices and quotes are quick and easy using Commander.  Barcode functionality is included.  The cross-reference feature drills down on alternate part numbers.

  • Interfaces to the major EPC catalogs like ARI PartSmart.  This easkily transfers part numbers to invoices and ROs without manually entering the long list of parts
  • Any parts that need to be special ordered get sent to a “PO” pad automatically.
  • Processes credit card transactions  from inside Commander software, right from the checkout screen.  This enables retiring the old dial-up credit card processor when you had to staple receipts to your parts invoice.

more . . . Point of Sale - POS

Many OPE dealers try to makeQuickBooks work for parts and service sales.  But QuickBooks wasn’t designed for controlling inventory and writing invoices at an OPE dealer.  It’s cumbersome to make all price changes manually and to add every new item part number, description and price individually before they are sold.  It’s a huge advantage with Commander – where entire price books for OEMs are pre-loaded and prices are kept current automatically!  Commander will:

• Email invoices and quotes to your customer
• Interface to popular EPC Catalogs – like PartSmart©.
• Prints to a narrow thermal paper slip printer or to your favorite laser printer.
• Take multiple payments on an invoice:  like cash, credit card, check and even gift cards
• Does layaway sales.
• Easily creates POs for special order parts.
• Transmits parts orders directly to most vendors.
• Integrates directly with web-based credit card processing via X-Charge
• Stores invoice history for all customers.
• Bar code processing software is included.
• Customized parts pricing allows creation of personalized, unique selling prices.
• Calculates and recalls individual customer discounts.
• Permits multiple customer and unit pictures to be stored in customer and unit records.
• Supports every possible sales tax situation – even those that are unusual or complex.

Parts Price Changes

Because Parts prices continuously change, you need a system that will automatically keep prices current.  That system is Commander.  Vendors like Briggs & Stratton, Kohler, Stihl, Simplicity, MTD, Echo, Toro, Honda, Cub Cadet, Oregon, Walbro, Zama etc. etc.  are all a part of our web-based updating feature.  Parts prices are current and accurate with Commander.

We have a whole department that works hard to keep popular price files current in Commander.  If you have a favorite vendor not on our price file list, just ask and we will show you how to use a conversion utility that enables you to make any number of custom parts price files yourself – or we’ll convert it for you for a small fee.

more . . . parts price updates

Are you still making manual price adjustments to your inventory, one part at a time and constantly doing price checks throughout the day?  The Commander database contains all the popular OPE price books with every available vendor part number – and includes current up-to-date pricing!  Automatic price updates keep all your parts prices current, as prices change.

  • Commander updates over 400 vendor’s part pricing via the internet
  • Many vendors update prices monthly so you’re always up-to-date on your cost and selling prices
  • Complete price books in Commander contain not just your stocking items but ALL AVAILABLE PARTS.
  • Cross reference files between many popular vendors point toward compatible parts and oftentimes,  better pricing

EPC Interface

Commander has a time-saving interface that automatically transfers lists of parts from your Partsmart and other EPC programs – right over to a parts invoice or RO. This saves considerable time and reduces transposed part numbers, too.

Ordering Parts

Commander software knows to check stock when an invoices or ROs is created.  Then, required parts that are not stocked get automatically pushed to a PO list. Simple!  You just review the daily PO list, mark the parts to order and Commander does the rest.  They get moved to your vendor’s electronic purchase order without manually re-typing the numbers – making the special ordering process accurate and organized!

If you wish to make an order for stock, there’s a Minimum and Maximum feature for each part item that keeps your inventory replenished without manually walking the bins and counting stock.

  • Automatic PO management for Special Orders
  • Electronic vendor order placement
  • Automatically increments stocked quantities as parts get received
  • Can print needed bar code labels for the parts as they are received
  • Can make special order reports to highlight the customers who must be called for parts pick up.
  • Will suggest stock orders based on the mix/max levels you enter or can even order parts that jus sell seasonally

Barcode Scanning & Printing

Today, many parts and accessories that OPE dealers purchase already have a UPC code or barcode on the package or box.  This makes scanning a “must have” feature in any parts system.  Commander’s got you covered!  With Commander, the barcode software is built in. This makes it easy to just scan a barcodes instead of typing in every item individually.  The net result is a major reduction in time required to create an invoice or repair order.

If some items you purchase don’t have barcodes already, Commander includes functionality to automatically print barcodes when items are received into stock.