Commander Version 15 – Features

We are excited to announce that the newest version of Commander, version 15, which was beta-tested in Q4 of 2021 to a group of pilot dealers.  This long-awaited version is now being released to a measured number of customers every month. We receive regular improvement suggestions from customers  – and we are listening.  Dealer ideas and suggestions remain an important source of input when we write code for new versions of Commander.

 Here are a few of the exciting new features in Version 15.



(Click on feature to expand explanations)

All New POS - Point-of-Sale Invoicing Module

It will no longer be necessary to split tickets for special order parts

Credit Card "Pass-on Fee" Option

If you want to pass on merchant fees to consumers, this option makes it easy to accomplish that.

New Non-Inventory Major Unit Feature

Speeds up data entry by remembering the major unit default information such as model, color, sales price, type of unit, etc. Then when receiving the P.O. you can just key in the different serial numbers or stock numbers.


New Purchase Order Feature

This is a new P.O feature that creates a “Vendor Parts Return”.  This is a list of parts to return to your vendor, which will not increment parts sales as previously, if a Vendor Return was created on a parts invoice.


New Major Unit Bill Feature

This feature now allows creation of a bill for Major Units purchases in Commander.

New Major Unit Bill Transfer Feature

With this feature, we can now optionally transfer the bill to QuickBooks payables with the QB interface.

New Feature: Color themes

Each user in Commander can individually add and change screen colors.  This can be helpful to highlight certain data or customize and colorize screens to the user’s liking.

New Item Types for Rental, Storage and Fuel Sales

This was an asked-for feature for certain businesses that sell fuel and store and rent major units.

Expanded QuickBooks Mappings for Rentals, Storage and Fuel Sales

This was an asked-for feature allowing the breakout of specific sales totals for fuel and storage and rental sales.

Expanded QuickBooks Mappings to Accommodate Trade-Ins, Unit Returns and Fees

This was another asked-for feature allowing the breakout of specific sales totals for Trade-Ins, Unit Returns and fees.

Warehouse Locator for Parts Unlimited

Parts Unlimited launched a new dealer portal for the Warehouse and deal-specific pricing and this completes the Commander integration to their API.

Multi-Site Inventory App (sold separately)

Designed for multi-store businesses who wish to view parts and major unit inventory at each of their various locations.  Available at additional cost.

Web Site Inventory Feeds Application (sold separately)

This app will push Parts and Units to a dealer’s website daily, using an FTP server.  Available at additional cost.

Huggins Cross Reference Integration (sold separately)

This marine dealer feature integrates Commander with Huggins cross reference part app. Subscription is required.  Available at additional cost.

“Group Method” of Sales Tax Calculation

Created for states that use alternate methods of calculating sales tax.  Works for Florida and other states with different sales tax laws.


Nickel Rounding

This feature was designed for Canadian dealers because pennies are no longer used in Canada.

4th Decimal Feature

Added this feature for quantities and pricing which now permits carrying to the 4th decimal.

F&I Sales Calculator (sold separately)

This is a separate app for Major Unit sales with forms and sales contract printing.  Available at additional cost.

BRP Certification and Custom API's

Custom Commander integration exclusively for franchised BRP dealers.

Polaris Certification and Custom API's

Custom Commander integration exclusively for franchised Polaris dealers.