QuickBooks Interface Video


How it Works


How QuickBooks and Commander Work Together

  • You should keep using QuickBooks for the finances of your OPE business, (receivables, payables, general ledger, payroll) replacing QuickBooks inventory and invoicing with Commander
  • This is because the QuickBooks inventory system is weak and not designed for an OPE dealer.  Commander can provide much-improved inventory and invoicing capability.
  • Commander interfaces or connects to QuickBooks and pushes sales transactions created on the Commander side – to QuickBooks accounting – without any manual key entry.
  • This integration permits an upgrade to Commander – the OPE industry specific software while you keep using QuickBooks for the financial portion of your business.
  • The QuickBooks interface moves Commander invoice detail from Commander into QuickBooks, thus eliminating manual posting of parts invoices, RO’s and sales invoices.

Commander & QB – Work Well Together


Managing Inventory BETTER, for OPE Dealers

  • Commander keeps complete parts books for  Briggs & Stratton, Kohler, Toro, Club Cadet, Honda, Mahindra, Kawasaki, Kioti, Simplicity, Echo, etc. right on your computer.  This means you won’t have to manually enter new parts when it’s time to special order.
  • Unlike QuickBooks, Commander lets you enter unlimited items into inventory.  Commander can store ALL of the part numbers available for ALL of your OPE suppliers!
  • Parts pricing is automatically kept current over the internet so you won’t have to make manual price changes!
  • Commander integrates with PartsSmart EPC
  • EPC integration permits transferring pick lists from ARI to Commander – Automatically.
  • Direct electronic PO uploading to vendor websites is available for many vendors
  • Commander corrects all the QuickBooks problems associated with inventory and POS functions.

Reasons to Use QuickBooks for Financial Management

Reasons to Use QuickBooks for Financial Management:

  • Chances are you use QuickBooks already for your accounting software
  • QuickBooks holds 85% retail market share in small business accounting software.
  • More accountants recommend QuickBooks than all other accounting software combined.
  • QuickBooks has been pressure-tested by millions of small businesses and accountants,
  • QuickBooks can be trusted to deliver a consistent and reliable performance

QuickBooks Key Features

  • Affordable to purchase and update
  • Fully integrated Receivables, Payables and General Ledger
  • Ease of  Support – Training available everywhere
  • Manages Payroll & Taxes as well as General Ledger
  • Flexible Accounts Receivable
  • Imports and Exports Data
  • Produces Consolidated Business View
  • And . . . it will integrate with Commander software

Solving QB Problems 


Limitations of QuickBooks are Corrected by Commander!

  • QuickBooks Pro and Premier has a 14,500 inventory limit but Commander is unlimited!
  • QuickBooks has no parts price file support meaning price changes must be done one part at a time – but Commander has automatic web-based parts price updates!
  • QuickBooks does not integrate with Electronic Parts Catalogs like PartSmart but Commander integrates resulting in huge time savings and increased order accuracy.
  • QB has no Flat Rate Labor guides integrated with POS and RO Billing